Stefan Kallander

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Before becoming a guitarist whose skills were in demand by Grammy-Winning artists, before his unique production ear was discovered, before his ability to teach complex musical concepts while imparting the historical and cultural impact of that music on his students was realized, and before his songwriting voice began to spread around the world, Stefan Kallander was a boy with a vision that seemed different than the others he was growing up around.


Tagged onto the end of the 1980's, Stefan Kallander was raised between the liberal west coast environment of Seattle, WA and Charlotte, NC in the conservative south. Kallander's musical intuition began to first materialize as a child in the back seat of a purple Dodge Caravan where the deep rhythm and unbounded energy of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin impressed on him what music should feel like. He started playing guitar as soon as he could, imitating the unreal power he felt in the music he was hearing. Stefan thirsted for further musical transcendence and found the surging sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As he dug through their catalog he discovered what specifically spoke to him, it was the Funk. Kallander discovered the Chili Peppers' idolized P-Funk and the door swung wide open. The energy, the flawless songwriting, soaring vocals, and tight, yet screaming guitars left him spellbound and with a realization of what he wanted to do with his life.


Kallander began performing at age 13 which led to the formation of various bands and then regional touring all before age 18. He was a standout young guitarist and upon receiving a scholarship from Berklee College of Music decided he would pursue formal music education. Berklee allowed for endless hours of uninterrupted practice and propelled Kallander into rehearsals and performances with his musical idols and funk legends George Clinton, Bernie Worrell and P-Funk guitar master Mike Hampton during his time in Boston. Kallander was recognized by this Funk royalty as not only a multifaceted guitar player with outstanding rhythm and lead chops but also a musical visionary whose voice should be heard. 


Since returning to Charlotte, North Carolina, Kallander has become an integral part of the southern music space, called upon not only for his vivid and distinct guitar playing but also his groomed production ear and individual songwriting voice. He has been entrusted to contribute to various artists in the southeastern scene, most notably performances and recordings with Grammy-winning artists Kendra Foster and Anthony Hamilton. He is a founding member of the Charlotte powerhouse soul group The Queen's Guard feat. Blanche J and performs in the band of Prince’s last saxophone player and protégé – Adrian Crutchfield. He has been able to play regularly at church after coming off consistent touring which led him back to a love of God he had never imagined, while at the same time he has become a go-to force of funk in the emerging Charlotte Rennaisance. All eyes should be on the south as there is some of the most intriguing music of our time coming forth from it. Stefan Kallander humbly lends his sound to that emergence.